The Corner Gap Trap

The Corner Gap Trap is a board destroying strategy that's both equal parts luck and observation. In order you pull it off, you have to drive the game back towards the starting dice, but a small, one gap above the starting location. Check out this small example:

In this example you can see how the game starts with the Arrows down, playing a Down-Right Corner, following through to a Cross, Down-Left, and so on. The game progresses through a few quick turns and begins to head back towards the beginning. Here Player 2 made an unfortunate mistake of allowing the gap to form.

If there was a "T" shaped peice, you could use that to get out of this sitution, but in Line Dice, there is NONE. Usually, when players drive you back towards making an infinity, you have the ability to play a Cross and get out of it. But since that gap is present, there is NOTHING you can play to escape. You are forced to close Infinity, and lose the game for everyone except the player that played before you.

Remember, you always win if everyone before you loses. I think there's a cruel metaphor for Life in there, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out. ;)

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