Extended Rule Sets

The Extended Rules are a growing collection of user submitted Line Dice varations which can transform Line Dice into a completely new game. If you have any suggestions, please contact me on the Line Dice's Facebook page, or on Line Dice's Boardgame Geek's Forum.

Chess Timer Rules
(for 2 Player matches)

It's been brought to my attention that using a Chess Timer can add alot of thrill to a 2-Player game of Line Dice. Set the timer to 30 seconds for each player, and keep to a small number of dice, such as 9. I had alot of fun this evening, taking turns playing against several people in some very white-knuckle matches.

For the setup, everyone aligns their dice and picks a direction for the arrows BEFORE the match begins. Once the first play is made, the match begins. If you run out of time *OR* playable pieces, you lose. So you're racing a clock, as plotting your line. It's quite intense, and I suggest that everyone give it a try!

If you have an Android device, I suggest this timer, as it worked great and it's free: Chess Clock for Android

Thanks to Bruce and Sherry for the suggestion!

Domino-style Scoring Rules
(2 to 6 Players)

Get a sheet of paper and write down all player's initials, and agree upon a "Winning" score. I suggest 40 points.

Play Line Dice as normal, but once the first player runs out of dice, that player is the Winner. Players who still had available moves can not play once that first player has run out of dice.

Now add up all of the unplayed dice from all players, except for the winning player. Do not add in the Winning player's dice. Each die counts as 1 point to their score. Mark the score down by that players initials and continue.

Play as many games you as wish until one player finally exceeds the pre-agreed upon score. That player is the match winner.

Thanks to Joey, Devin, and Mike for the suggestion!

Lokman I's (Loudtwist) Single Player Rules
(for 1 Player)

These are a set of rules suggested by Lokman I for single player. I've played some of them myself and I find them pretty entertaining. Like Solitaire, with Line Dice!

1) The longest route: Yes, the longest possible. Once you take a die, you could not put it back to use later. If you think you do not want to use the die you have taken, put it aside. Each die you put aside will give you a penalty of three points deducted from your final score.

2) The most loop: create the most number of loop possible. Each loop build must be smaller than the previous loop. For every three dice you are not using in creating the loops, deduct one point from your final score.

3) Corruption: throw twelve dice. Without looking closely on the dice surface, put the dice in a straight line. Then start building a road. You must take the most left die first to build the road and continue taking the die from left to right. For every die that is not possible to be used in extending the road (or you do not want to use it), put it aside. That will create your corruption pile. After all twelve dice has been used for either road building or put in the corruption pile, take another twelve dice, do the same as mentioned above and followed by the last twelve dice. Try to get a small corruption pile.

4) Bombs: Get 36/24/18/12 number of dice. Throw them on a smooth flat surface like a table which earlier you have lay down on it a few sheets of paper. The dice with arrow will be your players. The dice with straight lines are bombs, and the papers are regions.You have to flick any one of your player die from a region so it will touch another die in different region. If it hit one die, remove both the die that you flicked and the die you has successfully aimed at. If it hit more than one player die, do not remove any die. If it hit a bomb, three closest dice to the bomb and the flicked die are considered dead.

5) Survival: Throw all dice. Dice with arrows are yours. Choose a die and flick it in the direction of the arrow. If it hit another arrow die, remove the die that you hit. If it hit a die with straight lines, the flicked die will now changed to its straight lines side and an arrow die that is the nearest to it will also be changed from arrow side to straight lines side. Try to remove all the arrow dice.

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